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Designed with love

After an entire brand overhaul, Bambino Mio approached us with the task of modernising and softening their packaging.

Designed to be loved by retailers and cherished by customers alike, we made it a mission to deliver quality packaging from concept to container load. All in the hopes of this innovative product becoming a best seller and selling time and time again.

Packaging Development

The Problem?

As a brand that focuses on reusable products, a key focus has been to cut down on single-use plastic. We also had to ensure the product would  remain secure and retail-friendly.

Building a positive emotional connection with the customer was a client priority, aimed at increasing retention. The same applying to the packaging’s multi-use capability, being universal for all sizes to maximise cost efficiency.


Reuse, Reduce, Repurpose. However no recycling of ideas here.

Working collaboratively, we began to discuss how the product would be displayed, secured, and financially viable.

Additionally, we considered how it would be shipped, thinking all the way towards how it would attract attention in a retail environment.

Our work involved cutting, scoring and folding several design iterations. Presented to the client at each stage, we quickly ruled out various issues and began to pinpoint the designs best fit for purpose, streamlining this packaging’s journey to the finished result you see today.


Sustainability is at the heart of our thinking.

Our designers used their understanding of sustainable materials, commercial trends and buyer profiles. This esteemed expertise ensures the packaging reflects the brands’ core goals, securely contains the products and creates a tactile user experience.

The end result is a set of fully functional, manufacture-ready nets that can be rolled out at any moment. Eco-conscious and considerate of the planet too – we had this one in the bag.