• Why choose GIANT?
    • We are commercial problem solvers. Our team are experienced in design, marketing, PR and social media. We are passionate about delivering an exceptional service as well as producing a higher standard of creative thinking, whether online or in print. Our experience spans a wealth of marketing channels, which we believe gives us a real advantage when it comes to providing creative solutions.
  • I have decided I want to work with GIANT. What now?
    • Give us a call, we listen to what you are looking for, and we’ll get cracking.
      We try and meet all new customers face to face, so either you can come to our offices in Northampton, or we’ll come to you.
      At the beginning of a new creative partnership, we find it best to get a broad understanding of what your business is about, and what your business goals are.
  • Do I have to have a retainer with GIANT?
    • No, we are quite happy to work on a job-to-job basis. However, if you require ongoing creative design, PR or marketing services from the agency, we would recommend starting a retainer. It makes it simpler for you, and it’s definitely proven to be more cost-effective.
  • If I’m in a hurry, what can you do to meet my deadline?
    • In our business, we thrive on working to tight deadlines, and we love a challenge so bring it on.
  • What if I have more questions?
    • Give our helpful team a call on 01604 250 900.


  • What marketing services do you offer?
    • We are a full-service marketing and PR agency. We have a wealth of experience and it shows in our services. The team is skilled in Branding, Advertising, Direct Mail, Brochures, Leaflets, Websites, and a whole lot more! We would be more than happy to speak to you and discuss your requirements and hopefully launch your business into the stratosphere and beyond.
  • Will I be allocated one account manager or will I be working with a team?
    • You will be allocated an account manager on your project who will be your main point of contact and will work with you to understand your objectives and translate your requirements into a finished product. Your account manager will ensure your project is delivered to the best possible standard with help from our creative studio team. Although you have your own account manager, here at GIANT we work closely as a team so you will always benefit from a team effort and have someone available that can help with your project.
  • What is the process of a project?
    • After getting to understand your objectives and hopefully receive a brief, even if it is on a fag packet, we provide you with an estimate for you’re approval. Once this is agreed, we crack on. We ensure the smooth management of your project from start to finish and keep you well informed all along the way of progress. If you’re on a retainer or have a larger project we also do a report on the project for you
  • Do you look after small projects as well as large branding projects?
    • We will happily help on projects big and small. We have helped our clients from everything from brochures, leaflets, direct mail to business cards and stationery.
  • Do you cover print?
    • Yes, we have trusted print partners that we use in order to get you the most effective price and best quality available.


  • What events do you organise?
    • We organise and bring to life every type of events and exhibitions.Whatever your audiences or objectives we are sure to be able to help.Using our commercially driven creative thinking and attention to detail, we deliver ‘events with a difference’.
  • Have you met lots of famous people?
    • People’s perception of events is often glamourous because the consumer only sees the end result.Whilst yes we have had the pleasure of mixing with some glitterati along the way, some of the most fascinating and best performers have been the general public.A lot of our time is spent behind the scenes unseen, organising, negotiating, booking, creating schedules, briefing teams of staff and setting up.Making sure your event runs smoothly and is a success. We make events easier.
  • So why do GIANT do events?
    • We believe Events is an area that perfectly adds to our services and in the right context a fantastic way to promote and drive business forward.As well as the fact that no event is ever the same, so working in events gives us a real buzz…We love incorporating the latest technology and being innovative in our approach.We are thrilled to see masses of people get involved and making them smile.We simply can’t get enough of pulling off events without a glitch, well not ones that are seen.
  • What happens if an event just isn’t performing?
    • Prior to any event commencing, the majority of an event will have already been planned in great detail to ensure its a success.We react. We have feedback mechanisms from the staff on the ground and we adapt to improve an experience and have the back up of our Social and PR team if a little boost in exposure is required to help out.There will undoubtedly be requests for changes either from the client during the setup and/or during the event to ensure the event continues to perform its best and achieve the desired results.Our flexibility, meticulous preparation, ability to react and vast experience is just how we deliver huge ROIs.

Social Media:

  • What Social Media platforms do you work with?
    • We pretty much work with all the social media channels! Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are a few of the major platforms that we specialise in, however we also work with YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. We always review which are likely to be the most effective social media platforms for your business/marketplace, those that will best deliver your communications, and ensure you’re reaching a whole universe of customers.
  • Does Social Media work for my business?
    • If people are wanting to find out about more about your business, the first place they often go to is your social media where they can find latest offers, reviews and information.
      If you’re not posting regularly, or your content isn’t interesting, people have no reason to follow or engage with your business.
      In today’s vast social media space, visibility is everything you need to be thinking about and more. It’s about putting your name out there, shouting about your great offers and hopefully being a positive point of discussion. GIANT will help you create a clear, structured social strategy to a more relevant audience.
  • Why should I hire an agency rather than manage it in-house?
    • You may already have a social strategy in place, however is it effective and working for you? At GIANT, our social expertise goes far and beyond the digital space. We’re social people, masters of customer engagement, creators of captivating content and copy, and a completely flexible extension to your team. We adapt to your working needs. Give us a shout and experience the GIANT difference.
  • Can I still contribute to Social Media if you are controlling content?
    • Of course! Whether social media is alien to you, or your current strategy simply needs honing, we’ll work to suit you and your business. We can help control your channels and work behind the scenes to produce content calendars, creating striking visuals, researching competitors and scheduling in content. Activate your social and ensure it’s delivering the results you are expecting.