Gtechniq another fantastic UK based company chose us to launch its all new Nautical range. Originally founded by an innovative quantum physicist, this company is a shining light in the world of Automotive detailing, protection and polishing.

After 10 years of successful product establishment in this competitive environment, Gtechniq briefed us with the task of creating a complementary new brand identity and packaging design for a full range of marine cleaning solutions, to be launched in international waters territories including Europe and the USA. Their targets being a very discerning Retail and Trade clientele.


After initial research, it was crystal clear that we needed to create packaging designs that would have a strong distinctive presence on shelf elevating it from the competition. Reinforcing its science, it’s premium quality whilst retaining its brand heritage and recognition of the already successful automotive range.


We have designed a suite of Gtechniq Marine products that cover a range of bottles, labels and boxes, along with a logo, supporting assets and a set of brand guidelines that ensure all future packaging has the highly polished finish the originals came out of our studio with. Packaging that is as truly world class as the product within, a demonstration of how brand and pack designs should be laid out and executed.

For Sparkling Results. GIANT