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We always enjoy working with the MND Association, a national charity who we have supported and collaborated with for a number of years.

The association’s #Scrap6Months campaign, seeks to change the law so that people living with a terminal illness can access the welfare benefits they are owed quickly.

With a cause as important as this, the team at MNDA needed a video campaign that would create conversation, pull at the heartstrings and encourage 10,000 signatures of the #Scrap6Months Petition. We endeavoured to exceed this goal in the hope that government would hear our call for change.

The Solution

Motor Neurone Disease is a complex disease that not only affects the people living with this disease, but also affects the friends, family, and community around them. We created three separate narratives around this, using real-life accounts to show the severity and repercussions of these moving, true stories through fine hand-drawn illustration and digital mastering, we created animated, relatable characters which were then complemented by evocative narration to bring to life these powerful pieces.

Released in installments, each video had its own moment to make an influential impact, with viewers taking action in their thousands.


Just after the release of the second video, the petition not only reached its 10,000 milestone goal, it exceeded it overwhelmingly with 55,435 signatures, with existing and new campaigners around the country committing to this crucial cause.

Above all, the suite of #Scrap6Month videos were very well-received leading to a highly satisfied client, a legion of supporters and an increased exposure of this important issue.

Find out more about what MND is doing to change the criteria of the SRTI for people with MND here.

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