Plenty of people told me that I’d never get an internship without a university degree and that I was ‘wasting’ my brain not going. But I’m stubborn, when I want something I’ll go after it my own way. Lo and behold, here I am, 4 weeks after finishing sixth form and now at the end of my first month PR internship. Still winging it, but learning what I need to learn and experiencing what I want to experience.

In terms of what I’d expected, with a wild imagination comes great fear. I assumed that I’d need to be formal and sensible. Wearing formal attire with a giant boss looming over my shoulder, questioning my every move and expecting perfection. Quite the opposite actually. I mean I cant come in wearing a mini skirt and crop top (not that I would). And my work does get checked and fixed up when it’s required (which I’d hope because how embarrassing to monumentally muck up and have the world see it). But I can, for all intense and purposes, be myself here. Something that I value and brag about to all of my corporate friends working jobs that make them compromise their character.

I also didn’t think I’d get to work on as many real projects as I have done. When you think of a stereotypical internship you think of making tea and doing the filing.  And when the boss finally thinks you’re up to it, they lets you write a couple of press releases or make a phone call. Not here. I mean yes, I have made coffee’s and done some paper work, but the paper work has been my own. And coffee’s get made for me everyday as well. I’ve made phone calls, written many press releases, communicated and organised with contacts and clients, come up with ideas for PR events and pitches, purchased tickets and even had lengthy conversations with Legoland!

If you want variation, a career in PR is obviously the way to go. Trust me.

It’s not all been smooth sailing, I’ve probably cried about 100 tears or so this month. Some from excitement and being afraid to begin my adult life, some from the anxiety I felt at not wanting to be rubbish. As well as feeling over my head, but that’s normal. If you don’t cry or fear something then you can’t really want it that bad.

Going after what you want is hard, it takes guts and resilience. But the key thing to remember is to just listen, to try, to ask questions. Soak it all in because this is your moment, this is your massive stepping stone to the career that you want. You can’t run away from it.

At the end of the day, I go home shattered but happy. Doing a job you want is fulfilling in ways you can’t imagine. On my first day I wasn’t sure if I’d survive this rocket journey, but now? I’m confident that I can land on that moon and show those aliens who’s the boss (not in a mean way)