Broad Green

Following their to decision to become an independent car dealership, we have given the branding and marketing of this award winning local business a thorough overhaul and tune up.

From their initial indication, of the intention to undertake this huge to change, to the delivery of a supercharged new repositioned look we have kept both an eye on the purse strings and the need to maintain the heritage of this well thought of local company.

The process of re-branding isn’t as simple as creatives pulling our their crayons and dashing down a few random designs. We know how personal this process is. There is an attachment to the current, an ownership and a fear of the new. Here at Rocket we understand this and work hard to make this transition as sympathetic as we can. We establish the objectives, set out the key stakeholders, flesh out a communication plan, agree a timelines with review stages and then use our experience to deliver a fitting new look and feel. We ensure our clients are sitting comfortably right to their final destination – success.

We have ensured their direct mail campaigns have exceptional stand out and are generating some serious wear and tear on the showroom floor.

Another exercise has been the revitalising of their repair and workshop offering, so alongside a communication plan we wrapped their vans in eye catching graphics that are like magnetic in their ability to keep the bodyshop fit with work.

Steering business on the road to success. Rocket