Humpty Bumpty 4D and HDLive Baby Scanning

As one of the few baby scanning clinics that offer parents-to-be the chance to view their baby with super clear HDlive technology, Humpty Bumpty uses social media to its advantage, using the platform to showcase the charm of the scanning experience to wider audiences within the local and surrounding area.

Rocket create a jam-packed monthly content calendar of creative imagery and captivating social copy across multiple channels including Facebook and Instagram.


Rocket has also created numerous Facebook Live videos, broadcasting from the clinic itself and presenting the scan experience to thousands of Humpty’s Facebook followers in real time, which in turn has created a major buzz for the brand, and sparked warm and emotional reactions from online viewers.

Our Facebook and Instagram advertising have also allowed the brand to target specific audiences within the local community, helping to extend awareness of the brand’s niche offering towards a national level. By even stimulating discussion around celebrity pregnancies, Rocket has brought about likes and retweets across the internet through the creation of exciting, shareable content.

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