Intu Valentines Social Media Campaign

Our Brief
Our client, wanted a social media campaign which would increase awareness of their shopping centre.
The campaign had to create a joyful moment on social media that is shareable.
Certain KPI’s were set for Twitter:
Increase engagement from 1.5% to 3%
Increase retweets from current average by 25%
Add 15 new followers

The Solution
Rocket created “Bringing the love to Bromley”, a one day event in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.
5 boxed red roses, with a special message, were placed in areas around   Bromley.
Clues were then posted on social media as to their location to drive people to these locations.

The first people to stop and interact won a £50 intu voucher to buy their loved one a Valentine’s present. The 5 joyful moments of happiness were captured and shared on social channels.

Increasing engagement target smashed. 100% vs actual 173% achieved.
Increasing retweets target smashed. 400% vs actual 500% achieved.
14 new followers.
Instagram – 104 Likes.