Great Results - Fact not Fiction

From Northampton to the New York Times Best Sellers list, Jodi Ellen Malpas is no stranger to literary stardom.

In between writing her next novel, to establishing her own jewellery line and even adapting her books for the big screen, this booming businesswoman made contact with Rocket to see her social media soar.

With a dedicated fanbase of over hundreds and thousands, it was up to Rocket to engage and build this audience through exciting promotions, snappy video content and captivating copywriting.

Putting the novel in novelty, dedicated readers have loved the opportunity to build on their passion and pleasure for these teasing texts. Whether it’s seeing their favourite characters come to life, taking pleasure in the prose and amusing themselves with alpha male after alpha male, avid fans have been treated with every post.

With a month’s worth of content, we’ve seen likes, comments and shares in their millions, helping to grow Jodi’s high position in the publishing sphere and introduce new readers to her narrative worlds.

What’s more, since working with Jodi, Rocket has been proud to support her continued success with her first film premiere at London’s prestigious Piccadilly Circus and the launch of several titles including The Smoke & Mirrors Duology, Gentleman Sinner and Leave Me Breathless.