Mambu - Reusable Coffee Cup

Launching a new product in a crowded market place isn’t an easy prospect for anyone.

With this innovative coffee cup startup, our client required empirical packaging and practical social implementation to match.

Designing with impact in mind, Rocket looked at contemporary trends and customer demand. From our graphic designer’s point of view, colour choice is key to creating conversation, encouraging shares and making a bold stylish statement.

Brought to life with some great imagery shot on location, taking advantage of our local bandstand in Northampton’s fantastic Abington park next to our offices.

Clued up on copy (and coffee!), plus buzzed with competitor research, Rocket brought the social plan to the boil, retaining its heat with templates, guidelines, gifs, and so much more to share.

All managed and delivered on a takeaway budget!

Packaging isn’t everyone’s cuppa. For design that brews just that bit stronger, choose your local packaging design agency. Rocket

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