Social Engagement & Membership Acquisition

On course for a hole lot more

With a general decline in the membership of Golf clubs across the UK, this highly thought of local club turned to Rocket to reverse this trend and promote the swathe of changes happening both on and off the course to a wider audience.

Following a general tidy up and mini brand refresh a neatly manicured set of sales collateral has been the back bone of this new membership acquisition pipeline.

From the initial conception of a Member recruit Member programme to the intricacies of the commercials for the associated rewards, Rocket have been a driving force in the significant uplift in its fortunes.

A social media strategy has also been drawn up and put in place that ensures this club is on a par with the best in the country.

The engagement levels have achieved some truly Tiger levels and grossed some excellent ROI.

From the simple implementation of improved membership applications to a more welcoming introduction pack, from the universal consistency of the messaging and tone of voice to the engagement of the staff from the groundsman up Rocket have pulled everything out of the bag on this one.

Driving business forward. Rocket