The 6 D's

Our delivery model is always our starting point for any online project. We assess each project individually and select the appropriate activities for an optimal approach. So whilst we often provide our model as an end-to-end solution, we can equally just handle a few stages as part of the process. Our model is designed to be collaborative, working closely with our client and often third parties

Exploration of what we need to know to inform a robust scope of work, e.g. audience analysis, analytics, competitor and content review.

Interpret discovery phase findings, document and agree full scope and deliverables. Information and systems architecture. Content strategy.

Wireframes, UX and rapid prototyping allow for usability testing and validation. Conceptual development into design production based on approved wireframes.

Develop new creative, front end and technical set up and systems integration. Technical testing. Full optimised content population.

Deployment with full migration plan including any search strategy. Training for new systems and how to optimise new content.

Analytics monitoring and reporting. Ongoing test, learn and optimisation.