Roaring Success with this crushing footfall driver

We make other events look frankly Prehistoric

Our experimental activations are distinctly more engaging.
A head turning day at this shopping centre certainly created a huge stir with T-Rex being centre of attention. We have delivered events for some of the best loved retail and leisure destinations in the UK.

The team understand what it takes to attract a stampede of valuable footfall and how to create the cacophony of ‘noise’ needed to deliver significant new levels of brand awareness.

We know that engaged customers spend 60% more on average.

There is certainly no extinct inspiration around here.
Taking our commercially creative thinking through from concept to the final live experiences. We smash expectations, drive results skyward and won’t blow your budgets.
(ok we do to cross our fingers at that point, however we cast iron guarantee never go above agreed spending).

Our attention to every minute detail makes for more meaningful, more memorable moments. We ramp up brand loyalty activations with the integration of our social connectivity, magnifying your results. We make events work harder. We make your events easier for you and quite simply more event full.

Q: How do you ask a dinosaur to lunch?
A: Tea Rex?

Everyone should experience. Rocket