The Mall

The Wonder of Walthamstow and Greenness of Wood Green were elements we were able to focus on with our Marketing & Public Relations creative thinking for these two established shopping centres. A wealth of social and school interaction has driven huge new levels of footfall and re-ignited a shopping frenzy in these slightly older style shopping outlets.

Less fiction more retail. GIANT

The Mall is the UK’s leading shopping centre fund. It owns eight shopping centres across the UK and is home to approximately 1,220 retail units, attracting approximately 1.9 million shopping visits every week.

GIANT uses it unique twist on PR and its creative thinking to support two of the Mall’s shopping centres, Wood Green and Walthamstow, with their local “Public Relations”.

We provide innovative campaigns, which support a number of the Mall corporation’s national initiatives including: The Retail Factor, EnviroMall, and Mall Cares, in order to drive community interest and gain valuable media exposure as well helping to drive new footfall.

We have bags more ideas and take great PR…ide in the results we’ve achieved!