Fresh off the Press - Magazine contributes to considerable improvement in retention

The team at The Slimming Clinic prides itself on its ability to support, enlighten and collaborate with patients to achieve sustainable weight loss. Whilst always having an emphasis on doctor-led care, the clinics aim to provide patients with engaging and interesting content in their Fresh Start Magazine, The Slimming Clinic’s exclusive magazine.

Specialising in design for print, GIANT has been instrumental in the development of this publication from its initial issue, to delivering its content and the significant work in its production. For this fast turnaround printed publication to become an ongoing reality, the process requires clinical organisation, high levels of creative artworking and precision planning of its production.

As brand guardians we have maintained the brand essence, and professional nature of the service offering throughout, whilst understanding the need to expand the design to embrace the less formal requirements of a magazine. One that is going to be read from cover to cover and cater for their target audience’s tastes and appetite for relevant content.

Through masterful pagination, vibrant visuals and a clear and colourful layout, the magazine has become a quarterly feature, with slimmers chomping at the bit for each forthcoming issue.

Patients have been treated to tailored slimming advice, healthy recipes, success stories and so much more. With specialist deals, sharable content and the help of word-of-mouth, The Slimming Clinic has generated more leads and enquiries since the magazine’s debut.

In a time where long-lasting, substantial content is key, thanks to the clinic’s unique magazine, patients leave with a quality publication in hand to inspire and keep them on track. And we have created a mechanism for retention that delivers significant ROI.

Retain their attention, improving figures. GIANT.