Promotional Videos for The Slimming Clinic

Rocket’s recent work has involved supporting The Slimming Clinic, who offer doctor led personal weight loss at over 25 clinics across the country.

With a reputation that relies on care, expertise and guidance, The Slimming Clinic needed a broad collection of video content to help educate, inform and inspire potential patients on their journeys to slimming success.

Putting ourselves in the position of the patient as well as considering the sensitivity of the subject, we understood the importance of making The Slimming Clinic as approachable as possible. With this in mind, we’ve worked closely with the clinic to create explanatory Question and Answer sessions with brand ambassador Dr Charlotte, helping to put a friendly face to the brand.

Through initial story-boarding and scrupulous scriptwriting, the filming and subsequent editing process was made simple and seamless.

The Slimming Clinic’s personal service also applies to the individual clinic locations. By providing a carefully planned flythrough and staff interviews, we’ve been able to give patients an authentic virtual experience to help them see if the clinic is the right fit for them.

Moreover, content is key when it comes to the brand’s social media and thanks to Rocket’s video content, the client has seen a significant spike in likes. Slimmers and followers of their pages have been treated to quick and tasty recipe tutorials they can easily emulate. This bite-sized sharable content has reached beyond the clinic’s customer base by appealing to fervent foodies and health-conscious communities, only enhancing the brand’s recognition.

Thanks to our variety of video content, refined production and high volume of footage, the clinic is not only inundated with content, but inundated with even more leads, enquiries and success stories.

An video agency slim on costs, large on results. Rocket.