On Saturday 18th August, local tradesman Barney Felce and 20 others took a soon-to-be groom on a truly unique stag-do celebration, in Wellingborough. Instead of picking up pints and partying, the stags undertook a Nick Knowles-style DIY SOS. They wanted to help change a local and well-deserving family lives for the better.

The stag, Neale Tidd and his team rolled up their sleeves, creating a sensory garden at the home of the Beeson’s. This foster family cares for a number of children with disabilities. This include their 19-year-old foster son Aaron, who has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome. It is a condition that affects many parts of the body by delayed growth and development.

Barney met Aaron and the Beason’s when he was working at a local day care centre for adults with disabilities. “I was so touched by the family and what they go through on a daily basis. I wanted to help further by donating our time and trade to making a better place for Aaron and the other children who are cared for at this home,” said Barney. “With the stag do on the horizon, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to get everyone together and create a memorable occasion.”

But there was one big obstacle. The team were in desperate need of building materials, special plants and objects to bring the garden to life. In its time of need the team turned to Rocket’s PR department. They asked for support to boost publicity of the cause.

Neil Thompson, manager director at Rocket, said: “We felt that this was a truly inspiring act of generosity. It is a worth-while cause that we were delighted to get involved in.”

Rocket used its contacts within the local media to publicise the activity. BBC Radio Northampton included a number of interviews with the team to encourage the support of local businesses and people within the community.

But the team at Rocket PR didn’t just stop there; they continued to spread the word by approaching local building merchants and gardening centres. One of which was Travis Perkins who agreed to help out by donating vital wood materials.

Following the stag-do, the Beeson’s couldn’t be happier. The team created a new garden equipped with ramps, lights and flowers, which provided a safe and relaxing environment. This made a stimulating sensory experience for the children. Mrs Beeson said: “Aaron and the other children have loved sitting in their new garden to celebrate, and so have we.”