Hello there, stop peeking and come on inside.. I go by the name of Manpreet Shergill but you can call me Mannie. I’m a third year journalism student and the new superstar PR intern here at Rocket. For the duration of this journey I shall be compiling a set of blogs (survival guide) where I’ll be providing those future interns an insight of what the PR and Marketing industry holds. As I ventured off into the big wide world of PR and Marketing a month ago, I’ve managed to absorb a vast amount of knowledge in the field. First and foremost drinking several cups of tea is the most vital source of fluid required for a creative day at Rocket.

To kick-start this blog I will begin by stating the challenges I’ve battled these past couple of weeks. Your first initial thoughts would be; making endless cups of tea/coffee, dealing with boring admin tasks (photocopying or stapling) and answering phone calls. Well, you’re mistaken folks, I’ve been provided with a fantastic opportunity to take ownership of Rockets social media sites. (Muhahaha mine, mine, ALL mine – small print: this ownership terminates when I leave).

Yes, I’ve dived right in and had a chance to produce ideas on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Working alongside Joseph, who has a lifetime experience under his belt in the marketing industry. He has assisted and guided me into the correct direction (Sorry Joe, I know you’re not that old).

Having little knowledge about the marketing industry, I have grasped the concept of what’s needed to enhance a brand’s identity in order to build stronger relationships with clients. I began brainstorming several creative ideas that would increase the company’s visibility. I then transferred them into my very own schedule. After undergoing thorough research it shows that it’s essential to offer something unique and creative in order to boost companies ratings on social media sites.

Besides my little empire, Facebook, I’ve also been assisting with general admin duties. You’d be surprised but I’ve taken on board mega-useful information and acknowledged applications that all marketing organisations operate with. In all honesty I think the most valuable thing I’ve learnt is to look at the bigger picture. Regardless of how small of a task you’ve been set to complete it is important to help the team. Stay positive and it will allow you to finish tasks and no doubt your work ethic will get noticed. As Rocket is a creative company, it’s been exciting to see what the graphics team develop from raw materials. They’re definitely a bunch of talented individuals.

Did I just hear someone offer tea? Best hurry so…the past four weeks as an intern have been extremely productive. I’ve been given great opportunities to exercise my creativity. I’m amongst individuals who have years of experience and I’m taking every assignment as a chance to grow as a professional.. right, guess I’ll wrap up it for now.

Hasta la vista


“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down”

– Kurt Vonnegut, writer