I’m now one third of the way through my internship here at Rocket creative, and so far it’s been a blast! (pun intended- they’re crazy about space related puns here)

I remember less than a month ago reading the blog of the intern before me. As well as the intern before her. Now the proverbial torch has been passed down to me. I can only hope this post helps whoever is next here, and any other student reading this thinking of going into marketing.

The prospect of picking a career is daunting. At school you’ll no doubt stumble through a few ‘Career Tests’. They promise to sort out the majority of your life with shallow multiple choice questions.

These are fine to narrow your options down a bit. But there is an inherent flaw in questions about how much you like animals, researching, painting, or a million other inconspicuous things. That is that, you can like them just fine enough on their own, but when they’re combined in a workplace it could be potentially hellish.

So, (after a point of narrowing down which you probably could have done yourself) these sorts of quizzes are effectively useless. Offering a glimpse at a career from a cursory look at a person’s personality and preferences. They are no substitute for immersing yourself in a job’s environment, learning how ideas are processed and developed there, how everyone works and thinks and only then figuring out if it’s the type of place for you. Sure, an internship like this is immensely less easy and cosy than a test you take at home. But it’s also immensely more useful and informative in the long run.

If truth be told; when I started here I didn’t really have any idea of what I wanted to do. Just the faint promise of the variety that comes with a career in marketing bouncing around my head, accompanied by little else.

Since then, everyone has been massively helpful in that regard. The different tasks I’m delegated taking me from calling up clowns to get price, to liaising with massive clients about designs. To overseeing parts of the office administration, to brainstorming creative ideas for competitions on social media. I’m getting a well-rounded view of the business. Hopefully by the time I’m ready to enter the very real and very scary adult world after university, my time here will have helped. Making me become well equipped to choose the right path. Even if it be the one less travelled in the ever growing and ever evolving industry of marketing and PR.