Halo are part of the SH Pratt Group and are a multi-temperature product handling facility based at the Port of London Gateway which is focused on reducing costs to produce the leanest supply chain within the UK.

When we first sat down with Halo back in April 2018, the company was just a concept; the building was yet to be built and functioning. Their aim was to be fully up and running by November 2018 and leading up to that they were looking for an agency that would work in partnership with them to help build the awareness of Halo, prepare for an official opening and get them seen within the fresh produce industry. That’s where All Things Management came in to help.

From May 2018, our partnership with Halo began, and part of the main focus was building brand awareness on and offline. We created their social media accounts and within the first few months their LinkedIn following grew rapidly with it being over 300 by November.

We wrote various press releases, some of which were accompanied with videos, and sent them to key publications within the fresh produce industry; in addition, we also designed adverts which have also been included in key publications such as Fresh Produce Journal.

Within the first months was also the preparation for the Official Opening which then took place in November 2018 and was a fantastic success. Over 50 key people within the fresh produce industry attended the opening to speak to the staff at Halo and have a tour of the new multi-temperature facility. We assisted Halo in contacting invitees via e-shots and printed invites which were designed by the team at All Things Management. We also organised caterers for the day as well as branded goodie bags with promotional merchandise. As mentioned above, we regularly write press releases for Halo, and the Official Opening was one of these which was placed in a number of significant publications within the industry.


Now, we are their digital partner. We work together to promote SH Pratt through social media management, content creation, HTMLS and press releases while fulfilling any other marketing needs such as print management and graphic design.