Keep on track with this one stop Marketing & PR agency

We understand operational spheres and have a track record of success with our marketing of logistics’ services, we are ahead of the curve when it comes to appointing a Marketing or PR Partner.

We establish market differentiation through our wealth of industry knowledge, extensive experience in the driving seat of campaigns for leading International Transport & Logistics businesses.

Our PR and Events team have a cage stacked full, sorry black book brimming with journalists, consultants, exhibitions and associations that service the logistics industry. Relationships with whom we can steer your communications into all the right places.

Our team is practical and hands on from the top down.

We love to get involved.

We do take it personally.

We love to power our way through goals and smash targets.

We create awareness through powerful PR, Events and Brand activity

We generate more compelling content that has higher levels of engagement.

We drive leads through hard more channels.

We build websites that are easier to find your way around.

We don’t make a meal out of managing your social, customer communications and referral marketing.

If you need a consignment of commercially creative thinking that is low on maintenance, delivering remarkable results then let Rocket put you on the map.

Route to success. Rocket­­­ – Your Logistics Agency

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