Following a severe rise in mental health and suicides in Wellingborough, ourselves and Medigold Health joined forces to try and make a difference. After calling on the local community to come together and collectively raise awareness, we created the ‘Wellingborough Cares’ campaign.

We knew we wanted to use all of our resources to raise awareness, not just online but offline too. Medigold Health told us that 75% of mental illness starts before the age of 18 and that the highest suicide rate in the UK is among men aged between 25-49. From the ages in these statistics, it shows that everyone knows at least 1 person who could be affected by mental health. This meant that we needed to target everyone.


The Wellingborough Cares campaign started with a lot of planning. We were working alongside Medigold Health, a robust occupational health and corporate wellbeing company, who provided us with all of the mental health statistics. Our team got started on the brands look and feel as well as contacting charities such as Mind Rushden and Kelly Matters. We wanted to get local charities onboard so that we could direct people to donate to them.


The Wellingborough focused campaign included local people. The team got in touch with some well-known people from the small market town and invited them along. We met on a dreary Wednesday evening at Wellingborough Old Grammarians Sportsfield, where family members from Kelly Matters also came along. Kelly Matters is a mental health awareness charity, set up after 26-year-old Kelly took her own life. Many of the people involved had also experienced mental health problems or at least knew someone who had.

Wellingborough Cares Campaign

That evening, we spoke about the Wellingborough Cares campaign and why it was so important. We took photographs for the large printed billboard we had planned and created a promotional video that advertised the campaign online. The next day we started putting all of the content together. Our Graphic Design Team edited the images for social media and adding them to the billboard design. The billboard was put up at Embankment, Wellingborough on the 20th March meaning hundreds of passers-by would be able to see it.

Wellingborough Cares Billboard

Wellingborough Cares Billboard

Another vital part of the campaign was to edit the promotional video for Wellingborough Cares. Our videography team, who attended the night at Wellingborough Old Grammarians Sportsfield started on post-production straight away, ensuring to share the message of how important being aware of mental health is. We edited the Wellingborough Cares video using a design software; Adobe Premiere Pro. After a few days of editing, sharing the video with the rest of the All Things Management team, and making amendments, we were proud of the final edit.


In March, we launched the Wellingborough Cares campaign. Over the next 3 months, we shared our video and statistics on all of our social media platforms. The team utilised PPC on certain posts so that they had a higher reach. In turn, this helped our Wellingborough Cares video reach almost 10,000 people and achieve over 1000 engagements. Overall, our Wellingborough Cares campaign was a huge success and the community really got behind it. We raised awareness not just in Wellingborough but across the whole of the Northamptonshire county.

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It’s okay, to not be okay. If you need to reach out either by voice, email, text you can;
Call: Mind on 01933 312800
Text: SHOUT to 85258