In today’s society, video ideas and content is the most popular way for people to consume information and it will continue to grow.

Video content is very engaging on social media and it’s something that every business should consider implementing into its marketing plans.

But what videos should you create? Below is a list of 6 videos ideas that you can use to push your brand out there even more.

1 – Customer Testimonials

A testimonial video is having one of your clients talking about how great your company is to work with and sharing their experience with your brand. These are great to have on your website to show potential new clients how you can benefit their company. 

2 – Showreels

A showreel is a video portfolio all your best work moments that show you and your company in the best possible light.

When creating a showreel use your most recent clips and don’t feel as though you have to use every single piece of content you’ve ever used, just show the best videos that represent you as a company, person or brand.

Man showcasing a piece of equipment for a video idea

3 – Product demos

A product demo video shows people how your product works and why they should find out more about buying it. If you’re considering creating these videos, make sure you get all the key points about your product in the video, so that the audience have all the information they need. 

4 – Meet the Team

These videos are great to have on your website. Anyone who is looking to work with your business gets the chance to see who they will be working with and gets to know a little bit more about them.

This video idea is a great way to showcase your staff. To see what value they bring to the company and what makes them different.

Two men talking on camera about video ideas

5 – Tip videos

Another fantastic video idea is tip videos, these are a great bit of content to use and get a lot of engagement. These can be done either weekly or monthly depending on the amount of tips you create. 

The tip videos are all about getting across how your product or services can help solve problems for the audience. If you’ve got a lot of industry knowledge that you can share, then these are definitely a good option to consider.

6 – Behind The Scenes (BTS) videos

These videos are all about showing the audience the depth of work involved in the making of your project. This allows them a deeper understanding and appreciation of your work.

BTS videos are great for social media as they are normally shorter, entertaining and more informal.

So if you’d like to talk about how we can help input video into your business strategy please contact us on 01604 250 900

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Arthur Eyles
Digital Marketer