Great marketing isn’t just about the quality of the content you’re offering. If you want to have considerable success, it’s about visualising your target audience and understanding what makes them tick.

Appealing to your most engaged audience certainly isn’t anything new. It’s a type of thorough thinking that continually applies to all strands of marketing whether it’s targeted social media promotions, appealing adverts or clever collaborations.

Firstly, take a moment to understand your likely target audience and find out where they are most active. In particular, what social channels seem to resonate with them the most. Are they immersing themselves in the visual culture of Instagram? Maybe they’re craving idea inspiration in the hobby-led Pinterest? Perhaps they’re Generation Z whizzes, prone to curating content in the snappy video-driven TikTok?

It’s not only finding where your target audience digitally congregates or the groups they’re consistently contributing in, but it’s also examining their behaviour and what digital presence they’re creating.

Ask yourself what you want your target audience to do. Are you looking for them to share your content so that you’re reaching a wider audience? Do you want to stimulate discussion and rely on word of mouth?

At Rocket, we often create avatars for our audience to really get to grips with their human psyche and motivations. There’s no better way to understand an audience when you’ve brought them to life, visually and emotionally.

When you’re working with a limited budget, by really nailing down your target audience you’re saving yourself valuable time, and most importantly that all-important cost.

Putting it into Practice

In our own experience working with a start-up coffee cup company, we’ve tailored our social media around a certain type of consumer. Our target audience is an eco-conscious coffee drinker, who by choosing to invest in this reusable product, is doing their bit to ditch single-use plastic. Similarly, by purchasing this vibrantly coloured coffee cup, they clearly enjoy making a bold statement in their lifestyle too.

The content we create as a result is therefore driven by the consumer we’ve characterised. We now have the scope and justification to collaborate and partner with similarly-aligned brands, work with eco-warrior influencers and target this ever-growing audience.

To ultimately captivate consumers and pinpoint your public, ask Rocket to refine who exactly you should be reaching for.

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Words: Joe Hopkins