In Google’s latest campaign, they have collaborated with pizza brand Dominos and popular social Influencers to help promote their new phone – the Pixel 4. They selected around 50 Influencers to receive a free domino’s pizza that comes with a ‘Premium topping’ the Pixel 4 phone.

Google’s thoughts here are to show off how hands-free the Pixel 4 actually is compared to other well-known devices. Showcasing how the function will benefit takeaway lovers whilst eating or having greasy hands! They added a new swipe feature that doesn’t even require you to make contact with the phone, you simply move your hand above the phone in the direction you wish to swipe. Saving users screens from getting greasy smears during meal times and easy access to Dominos ordering service by using voice command with Google assistant.

One of the best adverts we have seen so far is from childhood celebrity Josh Peck. A variety of Influencers took to Twitter to promote the Pixel 4 with the popular ‘unboxing’ content. However, Josh created a comedy sketch on his YouTube channel involving a few of his friends.

Below are more examples of Influencers Pixel 4 ‘unboxing’ videos shared on Twitter.

Words by – Dan Lornie / Tiffany Bricesmith