All Things Management started working with Lovibond in 2019. For over 130 years, Lovibond has been a leading manufacturer of water quality and color measurement products. They focus on providing analytical solutions that are designed to simplify analysis and provide users with accurate results in the laboratory, out in the field or online.

Lovibonds unique product offering makes them an incredibly unique client to us. Our first meetings with Lovibond made it clear they were looking for an agency who could bring personality to a product offering which can seem dull. When really, Lovibond is anything but! We had to learn about the science behind their products to make sure we could be a true voice of Lovibond. Our team even attended some ‘learning’ sessions at the Lovibond HQ, so we now really do know their products inside out!

We now incorporate a mix of factual, informative posts based around their product offering while also bringing colour measurement to life with fun facts, illusions and humorous content, giving the Lovibond brand a quirky personality. Making the science of their products, fun!