For designers, inspiration comes in many forms. The dawn of 2022 felt like a time for change, a time for optimism, new starts and new branding – and that fed into one of our first tasks, a new theme for our highly successful business and education awards.

The business community has had to adapt and be flexible over the past couple of years and has shown its resilience to change. Now we’re all ready to move forward, to shift and reshape and mould ourselves to a new world and new ways of working.

Mentally, physically and emotionally we all understand the need to move away from the rigid, binary and compartmentalised to the flexible, dynamic and integrated.

With this in mind, fluidity and versatility were the themes we chose. Just look at the year itself – 2022 – rounded and curved, flowing and fluid. It lends itself to liquid aesthetics and took us in what we think is an exciting new direction.

2022 is about adapting to modern circumstances. We have just moved to a new office and taken on new team members. Many other businesses will be going through similar shifts and growth.

We are in the midst of a technology revolution that is fundamentally changing both our mindsets and our execution. Work itself is being transformed by concepts that very few people fully understand but which they embrace and work with.

Like water, which takes on the shape of any container, can exist in many forms, and still performs its extremely important role – without which we wouldn’t survive – so businesses flow and mould themselves to prepare for the future. 

Recently, the Northamptonshire Business Excellence Awards and the Northamptonshire Education Awards, were accredited as Outstanding by the Trust Mark Awards. For us, that marks how far we have come. Over the years we’ve learned what works well and what doesn’t. What people want and what they don’t. We’ve tried things, we’ve listened, we’ve improved, we’ve accommodated and because of that we have seen the awards grow ever more successful.

The new branding will aim to reflect how the awards have evolved. The environment is high on the agenda these days – the NBEAs have a new award for Sustainability Project of the Year – and it’s also something we’re passionate about as a company. Green is a strong feature within the new theme, reflecting the importance of mindset we must all adopt to doing what is good for our planet.

Standing still isn’t an option and so the awards will have a new identity this year – encapsulating the fluidity and versatility that has made them what they are today.

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