SKOOTA was born in 2019 and we helped to launch the first model of the SKOOTA at the British Golf Show in May 2019. Teamed with a powerful website, professional video, celebrity endorsement, social media content and various graphic design elements, we helped to bring the SKOOTA brand to life. 

Due to its efficiency and simplicity, SKOOTA are now being used in several other markets. For example, large industrial factory areas where people need to get to move around quickly, the Skoota is a cheaper and easier alternative to golf buggies, and safer than Segways. And let’s face it, what a great Big Boys toy, to use at home! We’ve taken great pleasure in marketing this product. 

Based in Northamptonshire, UK, the three founders have considerable commercial experience with running successful businesses, and have ambitious plans to establish SKOOTA as a well-recognised brand in the next couple of years and we hope to play a key part in this growth.