The value of face-to-face interaction and the roar of a crowded room at an awards ceremony can never be replaced but, over the past year, using virtual event platforms has become a necessary process to continue celebrating the successes of your business with an even wider audience. 

So, how do you successfully turn the attendees’ face-to-face experience into a virtual one? And once you do, how do you ensure attendees are engaged throughout the event? We have the answer.

All Things Management are the proud founders of the Northamptonshire Business Excellence Awards and the Northamptonshire Education Awards. For two years we pulled out all the stops, hosting unforgettable celebrations, bringing local businesses together, in one venue, to celebrate excellence in the Northamptonshire business and education community. We planned to do the same in November 2020, but then COVID-19, as it did for so many things, threw a spanner in the works. We were determined to adapt and overcome the challenges of the pandemic and took the decision to host a virtual awards ceremony. That way, we could still ensure our incredible finalists had a chance to celebrate their dedication and hard work – something that was especially important given the circumstances. 

But, would it still have the wow factor we strive for? Would our sponsors still get a brilliant ROI? We didn’t want another Zoom room, so we worked with our friends at FABTRONIC to create a solution which would give us a superb user experience, still allow us to provide the same event networking capabilities and, most importantly to us, put on an awesome show!

Our Awards Room solution is an exciting and interactive virtual venue that brings together hosts, sponsors and guests in a unique and engaging awards experience that allows everyone to connect, while you maximise your revenue streams. 

Celebrate, Connect, Chat! Everyone’s Invited!

Hosting a virtual event still requires the same care and attention as an in-person event. You need to effectively promote the event, engage and create memorable moments for attendees, and then be able to prove event success. The only thing that’s missing is the venue and the attendees on-site. By using our Virtual Event Platform, we were able to achieve a value-added, engagement-driven experience, where we could create an impactful event that extends well beyond a computer screen. The platform’s key features include:

  • Guest planning and table allocation
  • Revenue and transaction management
  • No limits on capacity
  • Video chat capabilities
  • Real-time networking
  • Monitoring and tracking of audience behaviour
  • Analysis of data
  • Global reach capability
  • Guest list viewing
  • Meeting guests at your own virtual table
  • Interacting with other guests in the room
  • Video chats with guests in the room
  • Ability to organise tables into VIPs and Guests to give your sponsors coverage
  • Ability to view the awards presentation on a live stream
  • Viewing the event schedule

If you’re uneasy about an event you have planned for 2021 and beyond, and you are considering turning it into a virtual affair, consider using our Virtual Event Platform. That way, you can take the stress away by letting us project manage it for you. We can ensure your audience still has fun, gets excellent value for money and, ultimately, celebrates their success in style, albeit, virtually! 


Click here to view the Virtual Northamptonshire Education Awards.