PPC Services

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a great way to deliver top page visibility. Unlike SEO, which usually takes time to increase traffic to your site, paid search can generate traffic to your website instantly. All you need are clear business goals, a PPC budget, the right keywords and effective landing pages to immediately go live with your PPC campaign.

PPC advertising is a great tool that can support your full digital marketing strategy and also goes hand-in-hand with our bespoke social media management and SEO services.

If you would like to discuss integrating paid search advertising services into your digital marketing strategy, get in touch with us today.

The Process

The first thing we do is understand your objectives – what does success look like for your business? We will work closely with you to discover the right keywords and to create an effective landing page to set up a PPC Campaign within the allocated budget. Our goal is always to generate a positive ROI through paid advertising for your business.

Here’s how we ensure you can get the most out of your Google AdWords budget:

-Write compelling ad copy to maximise your click-through rates

-Create targeted landing pages to boost conversions on your site

-Analyse performance constantly, making small tweaks to maximise results

-Monitor bids, to ensure you pay as little as possible per click

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