We are master craftsmen of reputation building &
Exceptionally experienced relationship counsellors.

We push the boundaries to deliver impact.

We know how crucial your reputation is and the importance of looking after it cannot be under estimated. Building your brand and its positioning as well as offering opinion in an appropriate manner all help continue to establish your product or service.

GIANT can take this and turn it into a brand story and use a huge array of techniques and media contacts to achieve outstanding press coverage in all sorts of media. We create and deliver events for our clients including exhibitions, conferences and trade shows. We set up press offices and undertake press monitoring to report back on our achievements.

Our relationship with journalists within both national and regional press plays a key role in our ability to deliver and our bank of specialist journals. Our ability to write enticing press releases that journalists want to use as well as collaborative editorial and features for inclusion has ensured our clients have continued to be thrilled with their press visibility.

We generate effective PR strategies that ensure your brand is kept in the limelight. Speaking of limelight, we have a great track record in entering our clients for awards and of course winning them!

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