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So from scoping to design, from wireframing to website planning, from development to delivery, from content creation to copy writing we offer a fully managed service and a whole lot more.

At GIANT we approach all digital design using a responsive framework, allowing for fluid resize and adaptive content. This approach allows a singular version of the site too work across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

There are several benefits of using responsive design for website:

•   Cost savings through not having to custom develop for each device / platform

•   Website will work seamlessly across all mobile phone devices, tablets and browsers

•   Look and feel, and user experience will be consistent across all devices

•   Publish your content once, instead of 3 times

•   Delivers SEO benefits as there is only 1 URL to preserve authority

Our team install richer user experiences. This comes about from an unhealthy amount of time trawling the web and vigorous testing of sites that have spent a fortune on this aspect of their builds.

We are on a mission to ensure all navigation is more intuitive, this doesn’t come from a sense of justice, more from going through the disappointment ourselves.

We fill our sites with common sense and commercial thinking.

You won’t find boring brochure sites or ineffective ecommerce sites or lifeless social platforms or boring off the shelf content in our repertoire.
Our sites are power houses for traffic generation, mesmeric in their conversion rates, hotter than a catwalk model when it comes to check outs, integrate legacy systems as if some sort of wizardry is involved and frankly we optimise the crap out of them.

Users experience the GIANT difference.

So some of the technical black magic that goes on behind the scenes includes that essential deep market & competitor analysis, migration of that all important historical data, hard coring the foundations of your messaging, beautifying our stylish interfaces, injecting optimisation strategies with performance enhancing substances and knitting social conversations top-down into the body of your experience.

Do we love WordPress?
65% market share.
Simple to manage content.
Advanced features that help to build engaging and effective websites.
What’s not to love?
Other makes and platforms are available (statement from my producer).

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