So, the violins begin as the final week draws to a close. I refuse to start the waterworks, so guys control yourselves too! The duration of this journey has flown by but I’ve managed to grasp elements of what’s required in the world of PR. Similar to the other weeks, I’ve been diving head first into all projects and campaigns lead by Amanda. All in all I’m pleased with the challenges I’ve faced, I can honestly say that I’ve acknowledged the improvements in my writing style.

The time here at Rocket has provided me with vital knowledge into the world of PR and marketing. It’s also shown me the process of how jobs can be created, starting with the initial idea, the concept, creative and the final product.

I can waffle on about all the new data that’s now stored in my brain cells. But no let’s put that aside and instead focus on what I’ll be taking away with me from this journey. In order to outshine amongst the rest in the PR industry all you require is creativity! I’ve learnt that the use of your imagination and creativity can bring something unique to a company. At first I did assume that PR and marketing would be a tough nut to crack as I had little experience in the field but Rocket has put my foot straight through the door.

Lastly, this chunk will be dedicated to the entire team here at Rocket. I would like to thank everyone for their gratitude. From the moment I started everyone has treated me like a true Rocketeer. Most importantly I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to shadow the works of two individuals who have vast knowledge in the industry. They’ve answered my questions and have provided me with hope that I am capable of achieving my goal. So a huge thank you to Amanda and Joseph!

To those reading the trials and tribulations of an intern I hope that my blogs have been enjoyable but significantly useful to those wanting to pursue a career in PR and marketing. That’s it from me as my journey continues..

To infinity and beyond! (I couldn’t help myself)


“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club”

– Jack London, Author