B2B Marketing – Digital? Social? Snackable content? Omni-channel?

First of all, is it being transformed by new mediums and channels with fantastic buzzwords for names?

Almost all marketers are lost in a world of fanciful words and theories.

A life where ‘cultivating disruption’ and being ‘emotionally rooted’ within a ‘social landscape’ are words that slip out as if part of everyday conversation.

Is that all bull? Clearly not.

There are certainly some clever, respected people speaking this language and being listened to by salivating audiences.

Or is marketing fundamentally the same as it always has been?

We subsequently believe that the principles of great communication are simple.

They centre around skilful listening, being able to decipher the questions being asked within a dialogue and then providing clear and appropriate answers .

Why are B2B communications any different to the ways in which businesses speak to consumers? Or even any more different to how the early cavemen spoke to their fellow man or the simplicity with which kids and parents let each other know their feelings.

It should be a two way process. It’s about listening, it’s about understanding, it’s about clarity.

Moreover, Rocket believe in focusing on what we hear. It’s a lot of hard graft, a wealth of common sense, our meticulous planning, exceptional commercial thinking and fantastic design that are key ingredients to our success.

We ultimately ensure that your every touchpoint feels like velvet, messages are received like shiny Christmas parcels and that client relationships are built with steel reinforcements.

Less bull. Rocket

Words: Neil Thompson