At Rocket, we encourage a challenge. For example, sometimes it’s launching a start-up in its early beginnings. Occasionally it’s locating the correct customer in an overcrowded audience. Often it’s simply allowing our clients to thrive no matter how challenging their industry.

As a proud full-service agency, Rocket has enjoyed and continues to fulfil a unique mix of testing projects. All requiring a fresh perspective and innovative thinking.

Clients spanning a wide range of sectors have therefore approached us. These include and are not limited to, the international waters of temperature-controlled packaging, the ever-expanding industry for branded and compliant workwear.

To maximise your marketing goals and understand what you’re trying to achieve with your business, we interrogate your strategy. If finding your audience is a tough nut to crack, we refine it through customised avatars and following their footprints.

Moreover, Rocket also ensures you know who exactly your leads are, no matter how difficult to pinpoint. We measure what campaigns are resonating the most, all with the ultimate intention of generating that all-important ROI.

The Slimming Clinic:  Where the overall number of slimmers grows healthier by the day

Our recent work with The Slimming Clinic is a prime example of grassroots marketing. Rather than reaching every possible consumer, it’s nailing down eligible patients who have the drive to lose weight with doctor-led support.

Paid social media advertising has been key. Thanks to local targeting, quality creative and impactful messaging that sells their service and hones in on the health-conscious.

Rocket has also helped to produce a range of striking collateral. Ranging from a successful referral scheme, to striking pop-up stands that have caught the attention of shoppers around the country. Not to forget are the socially shareable recipe videos to keep followers motivated, or even the Fresh Start magazine, full to the brim with engaging content.

Peli Biothermal: Award-winning Marketing and PR

Through strong sales messages, quality newsletter copywriting and more, we have also helped secure the Royal treatment for temperature control giant Peli Biothermal. During our endeavours, Rocket have been instrumental in their application. Thanks to employing the technical jargon and making a spectacle of their showreel, we subsequently helped our client to win one of the highest accolades in the industry, a Queens Design Award.

Our work for challenging industries certainly hasn’t stopped there either. Why not check out some of our other case studies?

Committed creative thinking and dedicated to your goals – your adaptable agency Rocket.

Words: Joe Hopkins